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whoa hey now nikki cant you buy me dinner first jesus god damn it
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… seriously bioware. a fucking tube top.
you’re almost as bad as the fucking skyrim modding geniuses who think metal thongs are good.

im doing my class story on the PTS again because im a 55 sorc so why the fuck not AND I JUST GOT TO TATTOOINE AND GUESS WHAT THAT MEANS



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2.0 - has anyone seen these gear models on the PTR?

I think this is leveling gear/Makeb planetary comm armor since the Synth/Armormech vendors don’t currently have these.
lyncesca replied to your post: yncesca replied to your photo: My Full Dreadguard…
actually i was more wondering HOW you managed it seeing as there isn’t a body option as far as i know.


idk it might be the angle

body type 1 doesnt give you giant boobulons but you get a pretty well rounded booty

if you want bazongas and a jiggybutt you go body type 2 or 4

yncesca replied to your photo: My Full Dreadguard Sorcerer Healer (Jedi…


plus if she had giant gazongas im pretty sure no one would fear her at all

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My Full Dreadguard Sorcerer Healer (Jedi Covenant)
shes such a cutie butt
(she’s a pureblood sith)

in real news, spending hours making augmentation kits for your dps alt is a real fucking DRAG.

but i know what gear she needs now and aside from her implants/earpiece/guns/relics she is full 61 *U*

i have four 50s in swtor now

what the fuck is wrong wiht me

  1. Manushya (50) Sorcerer Healer [Full 63/Dread Guard]
  2. Viscynnoclast (50) Juggernaut Tank [Half Rakata/Half BH]
  3. Commodore (50) Mercenary DPS [Half Rakata/Half BH]
  4. Voidshark (50) Scoundrel Healer [Tionese]

whats worse is I just got commodore to 50 last night and i almost have enough BH comms for her to get another piece ;_;

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